Booking terms and conditions

 Booking policy
Booking of accomodation unit in Pension ANA can be made directly (by filling inquiry form on our contact page or by e-mail) and through our partner's websites and catalogues.
If You contact us directly, You will recieve an informative offer with all services requested, their quantities and prices. If our offer suits You, there is Deposit payment needed before we can confirm Your booking.

 Discounts and special offers
If You have a discount code, put it in «promo code» field in our form.
On prices listed in our price list You can get discount exclusively on direct bookings. Direct booking are all reservations realized via our website , by phone or in person at pension ANA. This offer exclude all bookings made via 3rd party (i.e. travel agencies), since the basis for the discount is booking confirmation issued by Pension ANA.

 Deposit policy
For booking confirmation there is an deposit needed (up to 30% of the total amount per accomodation unit).
Payment can be made by bank transaction on our account stated in offer we sent You by e-mail. Bank fees are held by You and as the final deposit amount counts amount received to our account.

 Booking confirmation
When Pension ANA recieve Your deposit payment, Your booking is considered confirmed and You will recieve a booking confirmation by e-mail. Booking confirmation must have a booking number, guest name and all services according to offer.

 Cancellation policy
If the guest wants to cancel booked room, it must be done in a written form and sent to The date when we receive a booking cancellation is the basis for calculation of cancellation costs as follows:
• For cancellation up to 45 days prior to arrival, deposit is returned to the guest at his expense.
• For cancellation up to 15 days prior to arrival, 50% of deposit will be returned to guest at his expense.
• For cancellation up to 0 days prior to arrival, no deposit will be returned to guest, but is considered valid for new booking 12 months from cancellation date.
• In case of NO-SHOW or immediate cancel after arrival room is charged till booked date.
• In case of early departure room is charged till booked date.

 Check-in & check-out
Your room will be at Your disposal from 2 p.m. at arrival day.
Please note that room will wait for You until 8 p.m. on day of arrival. In case of late arrival, please contact us by phone or e-mail. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee the providing of the agreed services.
At departure day, You must vacate Your room by 10 a.m..

 Taxes and extras
Residence tax per person daily and registration fee are not included in price.
Children up to age of 12 do not pay the residence tax, and children aged from 12 to 18 pay 50% of the residence tax.

 Accomodation units in Pension ANA
Room arrangement shall be defined by the Pension's reception. Unless a guest hasn't specifically booked a room having extra facilities on request, he/she must accept any type of officially registered accommodation described in the proposal and the pricelist. A guest is not allowed to enter a room before 2 p.m. on the day of commencement of the service and is required to leave the room until 10 a.m. on the day of completion of the service. Arrivals later than 8 p.m. must be notified in advance unless stated differently.

 Meal plans
For breakfast we offer an integral buffet with a wide selection of spreads, cereals, slices, milk products, coffee and soft drinks.
Dinner comes with a wide menu selection which has more than 20 starters and 30 fish or meat main courses. Rich salad buffet and deserts are included while drinks are sold separately.
We don't serve lunch.

It is in the guests' interest to make a claim on the spot and immediately after the event that provoked the claim. In case the claim shall have no effect whatsoever the guest has to request a confirmation proving that the service failed to meet the agreed requirements. The confirmation must be enclosed with a claim made in writing within 8 days after tour completion. In case a guest fails to produce a claim in writing within the said period Pension ANA is not obliged to take it into consideration. In case a claim is made abroad a guest is required to respect the rules of putting in the claim, providing the confirmation on the spot and respecting the deadline for putting in the claim. It is the Pension ANA duty to lodge a written decision against the claim. Pension ANA shall only be dealing with claims that cannot be dealt with on the spot. During the said procedure, a guest shall irrevocably renounce the interference of any other person, arbitration of any other institution as well as release any information into media. Within a said period a guest shall also renounce the right of submitting charges. The highest amount of the refund for the claim can reach the amount of the part of the service for which the claim was made whereas it cannot include already used services as well as the full price of the package. A guest and Pension ANA shall try to settle amicably and to mutual satisfaction any disputes that might arise. Should they be unable to do so they shall refer to any such disputes to the County Court in Rijeka for final settlement. Applicable law shall be Croatian law.

Pension ANA obligations',
Pension ANA shall be responsible for the regular implementation of the services and offer a choice of those who provide the same in the capacity of successful manager as well as for protection the guests' rights and interests according to quality standards in tourism. It is also responsible to offer a guest the arranged services for a particular package or give explanation due to incomplete or full failure to carry out the services. All the obligations described in the itineraries Pension ANA shall carry out as described except in case of force majeure, bad weather or changed circumstances. If possible in such cases an alternative services will be provided. Pension ANA is not obliged to offer the services that are not specifically described in these Conditions.

Guests obligations
Guest is obliged to fulfill the conditions personally in compliance with regulations of Republic of Croatia, as well as to obey House Rules in the hotel or other accommodation units and to cooperate with the representatives and provider of the service. A guest is solely liable for the damage he/she caused, especially if it is a result of noncompliance with regulations and General Conditions described above. Any and all costs arising of the damage caused by a guest shall be borne by a guest at the hotel reception or any other place defined by individual or legal person to whom a damage was caused.
Guests are obliged to obey the currency and customs regulations, as well as laws and other decree-level acts of the Republic of Croatia and other countries they are traveling across.
It is the guest's sole and exclusive responsibility to have all the required travel documents. In case a guest fails to produce a valid document and if Pension ANA suffered a damage therefrom, a guest shall balance or lessen the bad effect of damage. In case of loss of documents once the travel is in progress, any and all costs arising for issuing the document shall be borne by a guest. Pension ANA assumes no responsibility if any customs or police officers or any other country authorities deny a guest entry into their country.

Final provisions
These General conditions are subject to an Agreement between a guest and Pension ANA Unless otherwise stated in the proposal no alterations of any term of these General Conditions are allowed. A guest is required to confirm in person or in writing that he/she fully understands and accepts General conditions of reservations described in this page.

House rules

To make sure that your stay will be pleasant and to prevent any misunderstandings, please read the house rules. By booking confirmation, it is implied that you are familiar with and agree with them, and that you will fully adhere to them. Violation of house rules can result in the cancellation of the reservation, and charging the full amount of the price of the accommodation regardless of the shorter stay.

1. Upon arrival, submit identification documents of all guests to the reception desk. The documents must be returned to you within 24 hours.

2. Room bill must be settled at least the day before departure, for whole booked period. Payment is done according to a price list displayed at the reception.
The cost of stay is calculated according to reservation, from 2.00 p.m. on arrival date to 10.00 a.m. on departure date. In case of unexpected early departure, guest will be charged the price of accommodation for whole booked period without meals and tourist taxes.

3. Your room will be at Your disposal from 2 p.m. at arrival day. At the day of the departure, you are required to leave the room until 10 a.m. so it can be cleaned and prepared for other guests. Staying in the room after 10 a.m. unconditionally entails charging guest for one more night without the possibility of further stay in the room.
In case of delay in the arrival room is kept until 8 p.m. if an in advance payment has been done. Guest will be charged for whole booked period, regardless late arrival. In case of late arrival, please contact us by phone or e-mail. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee the providing of the agreed services.

4. The hotel is not responsible for guest’s belongings, but will do anything in his power to protect and warn the guest of possible dangers. For extra safety, all rooms have digital deposit boxes free of charge.

5. From 12 p.m. to 8 a.m. is the period of night rest, so please keep that in mind and respect other guests when entering hotel in late hours.

6. Pets are welcome in our hotel with prior announcement in the reservation. Taking a pet on the vacation implies that guest will take full responsibility of his pet, bring all necessary equipment, and won't let his pet alone in the room. Pets are not allowed on the furniture and outside room pet must be on leash. The guest whose pet makes noise or causes damage to property will have to make restitution for the full amount of damage and hotel have the right to cancel accommodation.

7. Please take care of the rented room, and turn off electric appliances and taps when not needed. Do not leave the air-conditioner turned on while you are not in the room, and do not use it with open windows and doors.
Smoking in rooms is strictly forbidden. You can smoke on the balcony, where you have an ashtray available.
The guest who causes damage to property on purpose or by accident will be charged for the full amount of damage.

8. It is strictly forbidden to bring persons who are not users of accommodation into the room. In case unregistered persons or persons that are not announced during reservation are found in the room, hotel have the right to cancel accommodation.

9. The guest who violates house rules and disturbs other guests will be unconditionally refused accommodation.
In case the hotel cancel accommodation due to violation of house rules, the guest will be required to pay the total amount for accommodation during the reserved period, regardless of the shorter stay.

It is implied that, upon arrival and checking in, the guest is familiar with the house rules and agrees to obligations and conditions prescribed by it. All complaints will be considered only if they have been reported during the stay. Subsequent complaints will not be taken into consideration. If the guest doesn’t comply with these provisions, he or she is obliged to leave the accommodation unit.

Collection of personal data for eVisitor registration

Dear visitors, In accordance with Article 6, paragraph 1, item c) and e) of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Coun- cil of 27th April 2016 on the protection of individuals relating to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and with the Directive 95/46/EZ being repealed, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), personal data may be collected for legitimate purposes of processing and for respecting legal obligations of processing managers as well as for the purpose of performing tasks of a public interest or at execution of offcial authorities of the processing manager in the sense of obligations to provide access to the data.
The relevant regulations of the Republic of Croatia stipulate that the provider of accommodaton services in a hospitality facility registered for providing accommodation services (i.e. tourist agency authorized by the provider of such services), is obliged to collect and record in the single system of visitor check-in and check-out eVisitor the following personal data of a person using the accommodation service (visitor/tourist):

1. Surname and first name
2. Place, country and date of birth
3. Citizenship
4. Type and identification document reference number
5. Place of residence (temporary residence) and adresa
6. Date and time of arrival, i.e. departure from the facility
7. Sex
8. The basis for exemption from paying the sojourn tax i.e. for the reduction of the sojourn tax payment.

The relevant data is colected by the accommodation services provider and is processed by the providers of accommodation services in the hospitality facility, tourist boards and public authorities of the Republic of Croatia for the following legal purposes:
1. monitoring the implementation of the obligation of registering visitor check-in and check-out by the payer (ac- commodation service provider) pursuant to the Sojourn Tax Act (OG 152/08, 59/09, 97/13, 158/13 and 30/14) and the Ordinance on the manner of keeping visitor registers and the form and content of the form of registration of visitors with the tourist board (OG 126/15);
2. records, calculations and collection of sojourn tax pursuant to the Sojourn Tax Act (OG 152/08, 59/09, 97/13, 158/13 and 30/14) and the Customs Services Act (OG 68/13, 30/14 and 115/16);
3. keeping a register or list of guests by the accommodation services provider and monitoring the implementation of the said obligation by the inspection authorities based on the Hospitality and Catering Industry Act (85/15 and 121/16) and Tourist Inspection Act (OG 19/14);
4. Registration of foreigners in the Ministry of the Interior and the monitoring of the implementation of the said obligation by the inspection authority pursuant to the Aliens Act (OG 130/11, 74/13 and 69/17) and Act on Police A airs and Authorities (OG 76/09 and 92/14);
5. keeping records of tourists by tourist boards and statistical processing and reporting pursuant to the Sojourn Tax Act (OG 152/08, 59/09, 97/13, 158/13 and 30/14) and the Act on Tourist Boards and Promotion of Croatian Tourism (OG 152/08);
6. supervision of business of accommodaton service providers in the part related to the legality of providing registered services and compliance with taxation and other regulations on public contributions pursuant to the Customs Services Act (OG 68/13, 30/14 and 115/16), the General Tax Act (OG 115/16) and the Act on the Inspection of Road Transport and Roads (OG 22/14).

In consideration of article 5, paragraph 4 of the Ordinance on the manner of keeping records of tourists and the form and content of the registration of tourists with the tourist board, it has been prescribed that all information in the check-in and check-out of visitors is entered based on the information listed in the identity card, that is, some other travel or other identity document, the visitor/tourist is obliged to present to the accommodation services provider such a document and provide any other information required for the data entry, not contained in such a document.
In accordance with Article 6 of the Ordinance on the manner of keeping visitor registers and the form and content of the form of registration of visitors with the tourist board, the collected information is retained for the period of 10 years.

Thank you for understanding.


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